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Monday, February 13, 2006


Scott Stahl

Can't say that I'm broken up about the thought of not getting a new arena. Freedom Hall is one of basketball's most historic and well-known arenas. Probably only MSG in NYC has a more powerful combination of name recognition and historic legacy. In the days when the NCAA Tournament began to rival (eventually eclipsing) the NIT (MSG's principal claim to NCAA BBall fame), FH was frequently the site of its Final Fours. When I arrived at U of L years ago, I was thrilled to have the privilege of attending games at FH. From a basketball history perspective, it is really a treasure, and is truly part of the legacy of college hoops. I think that the prospect of playing there should be presented to recruits exactly as it is: an opportunity to play in a legendary arena, a piece of basketball history. Virtually none of the other truly elite, historic college basketball royalty (e.g.,UK, UCLA, UNC, Kansas, Duke, Indiana) has a home arena that rivals the historic stature of FH. People used to revere their personal/family history. Like restoring a well-built, 150 year old farmhouse rather then razing it in favor of some new monstrosity, because it is the home that your family has lived in for generations, and it means something. For the city of Louisville, for U of L, and for basketball, Freedom Hall is a precious ancestral home.


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