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Sunday, April 08, 2012



Even though I was dadreing orientation, I am very thankful that I had a remarkable experience with it. The welcome of the staff and the SOSers helps you feel comfortable with being there. They were always friendly, loud, fun, and ready to help you. For instance, my SOSer, Stehpanie Passow was amazing. She genuinely cared for each one her students in her own way. She was willing to help me when I became overwhelmed while trying to schedule my classes for my first semester. The SOSers are not the only thing that make orientation so great. Orientation is filled with many things you can do. They always tried to make it to where we were not bored and could get involved with what was going on. Rather it be cheers, dancing, or looking at informative booths at lunch time. Although I was exhausted the two days I was there, it was well worth it. I now fill comfortable with being a new incoming freshman, and feel confident that I can find my way around campus. So thank you orientation staff for making this possible! GO CARDS!! -Olivia Beam

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